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A conference organized by the well-known British company Clarion Events dedicated to the organization of fairs (including ICE), events and symposia – under the name WRB Eastern Europe was held in Warsaw on 11.03.2016.

Panelists representing certain sectors of the gambling industry in Europe were invited. The conference was divided into 6 independent panels, each was a separate platform for the presentation of views and experiences of industry.

Ewa Bakun of Clarion Events – main moderator of the event, started the conference.

Ewa Bakun (Clarion Gaming)

Ewa Bakun (Clarion Gaming)

The first panelists faced difficult subject of the grey area in the gambling industry.
Francesco Rodano of Playtech, Maarten Haijer of EGBA, Roger Parkers of Betway, Agnieszka Terry representing the European Comision and Valentina Dobre of the Romanian Romslot tried to demonstrate the relationship between good legislation and the reduction of grey area. They presented various solutions of other countries and discussed some solutions that meet the needs of budget controllers.

Another, the most interesting panel from the Polish point of was led by Andrius Gabnys of Gabnys Law Firm, and the people invited on it were: Adam Lamentowicz of Totolotek, Wojciech Szpil – former CEO of Totalizator Sportowy and Maria Shmelova of the United Nations Law Compact.


Adam Lamentowicz (Totolotek S.A.)

Adam Lamentowicz (Totolotek S.A.)

Wojciech Szpil (former CEO Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o.)

Wojciech Szpil (former CEO Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z o.o.)

Topics discussed here centered around the legal situation in our country. Difficulties in operating conditions and the monopoly of private companies and the lack of willingness or cooperation agreements at the level of the entrepreneur – official were described. The player of the lotteries and sports betting sector had been profiled. Unfortunately anyone with the knowledge of the players of the slot machines or poker games was missing, and by this factor the panel was limited to the presentation of the full area of our gambling.

After the break, there was another panel, this time informing about the situation of the Romanian market. The views on the region’s problems were presented by: Odeta Nestor from the Romanian equivalent of the Polish Ministry of Games, Cosmina Simon from the Diculescu Kingston Petersen law firm, Radu Balas of DLA Piper, and the meeting moderator –  Dan Ilovici Rombetu.

The issues discussed here were to demonstrate some common grounds between the regulator and the industry and showed an understanding of the approach to the responsible lawmaking of the Romanian regulator.

Another panel on the bookmakers future in the region of Eastern Europe led by Mr. Tom Light of SBTech, raised the issue of lack in the appropriate regulations in each country and unsafe practices of blocking websites by the regulator for the legally operating companies with concessions in the EU.

Another panel represented by Jeffrey Haas Draft Kings and Benjamin Carlotti of Oulala was conducted on a similar topic and evaluation of this phenomenon.

Cooperation between bookmakers and representatives of the Ministries of Sport of the countries concerned and sponsorship relationships were discussed here.

The last presentation was conducted under the general topic on cooperation of international gambling industry brands with local authorities and players.

Speakers Zarko Zuvela of the Croatian Lutrii, Joseph Skuben of the Slovak Chamber (COA) and Sławomir Świtalski of Olympic presented their views on this topic.


Topics discussed here were designed to demonstrate the relationship between players and operators, an indication of how to build a positive image of casinos and offer full responsibility in presenting their offers for users.

The overall impression of this conference is very positive, the problem and how to implement responsible gaming among ground operators and land-base and the ways of meeting the expectations of regulators of individual EU countries were shown here.
As usual in similar events, there was no one representing the government sector at the conference.

It is already a standard that each attempt to explain and present the views of industry bounces off the walls of resentment and arrogance of public officials. The consequence is passing a bad law, which is visible on the streets of Poland today.

We may live to see the time when the regulator in the form of conscious officials will want to participate in similar events in order to raise awareness and to avoid making wrong decisions in the process of legislation.

Agenda of the event.

More details of the event soon on wrbriefing.com

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