Why prosecutors have not questioned Donald Tusk ?

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Tolerating by officials of the Ministry of Finance irregularities related to the one-armed bandits scandal could plunge the government of Donald Tusk. Not plunged, because the investigation in this case was unexpectedly transferred from Bialystok to Poznan. And men of investigators focused only on the liability of a low level officials of the Ministry of Finance.

Gambling scandal could sink the government of Donald Tusk already in 2009. That has not happened. PO-PSL coalition emerged from the scandal virtually unscathed. And although the affair passed over five years, from a few months yet another ticking bomb gambling, which can strike at leading politicians of the Civic Platform. Could explode over a year ago but the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office in Bialystok concerning irregularities in the Ministry of Finance in connection with the supervision and regulation of gambling market in Poland was forwarded to the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Poznan.

This happened shortly after the investigators from the Podlasie wanted to put the allegations to Jacek Kapica, Deputy Minister of Finance supervising the gambling market. The findings of “Gazeta Polska”, however, show that questionable – according to the prosecution – a decision did not take it alone. They were to be consulted at senior levels in government. From the investigation materials it shows that at least some activities directly to Kapica commission had personally Donald Tusk. To explore this topic, investigators from Bialystok planned to interrogate not only the former head of government, but also some of the members of the former cabinet – eg. Michal Boni, former minister of administration and digitization. This never happened.

After transferring the case to Poznan men of investigators they focused only on the liability of officials MF low-level, who can indeed avoid liability because of the … statute of limitations charges. It’s an amazing situation, because in relation to the controversial decisions of the Ministry of Finance Treasury not only lost billions of zlotys due to tax paid on each machine gambling. In the future it may also pay huge compensation to the owners AWP. “Gazeta Polska” reveals the backstage of the case.

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