The Ministry did not want to block websites!

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During the works on the draft of gambling new law there were interdepartmental consultations conducted on the proposed changes in law.

The project was approved by the government with the self-amendment and with comments of Jaroslaw Gowin about replenishment of draft regulations to advertise betting, comments of the Minister of Justice, as well as the comments of the Minister of Sport and Tourism and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and slightly modified amendment Coordinator of Special Services approved by the Minister of Finance before the meeting of the government.

There weren’t however taken into account the amendments proposed by the Ministry of Digitization despite the fact that it was at the request of the Ministry of the gambling bill was removed from the schedule cabinet meeting on July 12 and due to the need for further consultations back in a modified form a week later. Moreover, the Minister of Digitization on the day before the meeting the government withdrew from reported their earlier comments to the draft!

So what’s contained observations Ministry Digitization so long consulted with the Minister of Finance just to have been withdrawn at the end? Well, it was a proposal to cancel the blocking of websites as a mechanism that is not able to give an effective effect planned in support of the bill. In return, the Ministry called for a mechanism to block financial flows to entities offering gambling without proper authorization.


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