Suspicious Arcades in the Neighbourhood?

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Residents of Tczew have been voicing their concerns about the supposedly thriving gaming arcade located on a housing estate in the town. How many similar places are there in Tczew? It would be hard to count them all.

In August this year, several former employees of gaming arcades throughout the Tri-City area reported to the editorial department of Gazeta Tczewska, the local newspaper. According to their accounts, their former employer, a resident of Pruszcz Gdański, had not paid them for hundreds of hours’ work in  June, just before the business closed. It is worth noting that while the man did own the premises, the games themselves belonged to a different company all together.

The employees of the arcade in Tczew were among those affected. Shortly after the article was published, residents informed Gazeta Tczewska that although the arcade had supposedly closed, the business was actually thriving.

-It isn’t even a separate premises. The games have been set up in one of the local shops. Just like that. No “hot spot” adverts. Officially, the problem doesn’t exist. However, it’s an open secret that after 8 PM, the shop doors are open to those who want to use the gambling machines – says a resident of the osiedle Garnuszewskiego housing estate, who wished to remain anonymous. -It’s busy all night long.

What does the shop’s owner have to say about this?

Gazeta Tczewska contacted the shop’s owner, or rather the tenant of the troublesome premises. He informed the newspaper that he sublets the room with the games to another company and therefore is not responsible for what goes on inside.

-To my knowledge, it isn’t a gaming arcade. The machines are so called “quiz machines” which ask questions that players have to answer correctly. You don’t play them for money – says the resident of Pruszcz. -The shop is open during the day and is closed at night – he adds.




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