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The following is a statement by Pawel Čada, chairman of quiz machine distribution company DP&K.

This statement mainly concerns the company’s plans in light of the enforcement of the new gambling laws in Poland.


Racibórz, December 14, 2016




            After a period of uncertainty in terms of the new law, it is now certain that the amendment to the Gambling Act will completely change the gambling market in Poland. The state monopoly will sooner or later limit or remove the illegal market as its natural competition. In our opinion, customs officials will be prepared to use drastic solutions in order to achieve this goal. Our products help avoid this problem. The lack of random elements in our software has been confirmed by a growing number of institutions in the EU. This, however, does not make things easier for us. Our solutions have been clumsily imitated or intentionally copied, leading to the market overflowing with machines which closely resemble our product. We predict that these products will not be successful and the companies standing behind them will have to live with the consequences of their actions.

            Unfortunately, Poland’s poor copyright laws allow our products to be copied, which brings our company great losses both in terms of finance as well as product positioning losses. The current situation in Poland has forced us to withdraw the Quiz Game from the Polish market and bring in new products which will be more difficult to copy by our competition. In order to achieve this, we have contacted a renowned law firm which will help protect our copyrights.

            The biggest advantage of this solution is the clear message our company is sending out to customs officials in Poland. We reject the unfair practices of other companies. Our product can typically be found in bars, restaurants or pubs, much like shuttles of flippers. Our product is clearly positioned in a market that has nothing to do with gambling – the software does not work at random and the elements of the machines themselves do not resemble gambling machines. There are no fruit symbols or whirling drums on our machines and the games are exclusively based on the players’ knowledge or observation.

            We are bringing in our fourth generation of quiz games, featuring call center elements, to other markets. We also use social media and other communication platforms in order to promote our activities.

            We would like to thank our customers for trusting us. We would like to assure that we will continue distributing new products and providing software support for our existing products on the Polish market. We will be supporting creative solutions in order to normalise the Polish market. We would like to add that we renounce all fake or copied products.

            We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we invite you to visit our new website at .


The board of DP&K
Pawel Čada

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