Slot machines in Poland – changes in 2017

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There are signs that the market of slot machines in Poland is going to be completely rearranged from January 1st 2017. This would happen, of course, thanks to the new gambling bill, which now goes notification to the European Commission and consultation of the project submitted to the Polish Parliament.

The project raises a lot of controversy, speculation and insinuations among representatives of different branches of the gambling industry, including of course the operators of slot machines. What can we say about the vending market after the entry of the new law? Let’s take a closer look.

Who will handle the arcades?

The new regulations stipulate that games of slot machines outside casinos games in arcades will be covered by a state monopoly. Monopoly will be executed by the company of the Treasury – in this case Totalizator Sportowy. However, one would be wrong to thinking that the national lottery operator from one day will become a nationwide operator of gaming!

As experts predict state-owned company performs in accordance with the law monopoly slot machines outside casinos will be able to entrust the conduct of such stores to third parties on the basis of an agency agreement. This means that, as in the case of a monopoly lottery Totalizator Sportowy is likely to be tender or bidding procedure chose entity that on his behalf will lead a network of arcades.

How many slot machines in Poland?

Article 15. 1a point 1 of the Bill says: “Slot machines can be installed in amusement arcades slot machines: 1) the district no more than resulting from a ratio of 1 machine for every 1,000 county residents; maximum total number of slot machines in arcades slot machine is 60 thousand. pieces; ”

Does this mean that it will be 60 thousand slot machines? None of these things. If you count the population of Polish counties in the ratio of 1 machine per 1000 inhabitants it turns out that the law provides only about 38,500 slot machines in the country.

As the number of machines in the arcade is limited in the range of 3 to 50 pieces, this means the ability to run as much as about 12,500 arcades. It can be assumed that due to the costly and complicated process of adapting to the needs of the premises contained in the Act (including participant registration as a condition for starting and running the game, the implementation of a mechanism that prevents the continuation of the game after the exhaustion of resources, installation of audio-video control system serving game control process and driving games and conducting data communications system of recording and archiving process gaming) stores will use the top rather than the lower limit of the amount of slot machines on the premises.

It seems that in Poland there is therefore no more than 1,000 gaming halls managed by a maximum of 5 major players, who are subcontractors of the Totalizator Sportowy. Entities whose budget will create a large network of hundreds of professional arcades.

One can be sure. It will be the end of seedy sheds are set anywhere, by anyone, to which admission is free for everyone.

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