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Even though the reviews regarding the Starburst video slot weren’t that much promising after the game was released in the beginning of 2012, eventually it all worked out well, really well actually. It took a while though before players got used to the simplicity Starburst is designed with, of which in the end seemed the biggest success factor of the Starburst video slot. As time passed Starburst even became popular, very surprising for a video slot not many reviewers where enthusiastic about. More and more online casinos started to use this popular video slot for promotions, which resulted in another boost for the Starburst video slot. Nowadays we can say Starburst became a big success, in both the Netent Casinos and the mobile casinos.

Original video slot

Net Entertainment prides itself with being a front runner in game development using the latest technology, 3D graphics and animations, continuously introducing new and innovative features, functions and game ideas. The result speaks for itself when you have a look at Starburst and its success story. For a while reviewers weren’t enthusiastic at all about Starburst, simply because there wasn’t any other game Starburst could be compared with. Reviewers love to compare you know, because a game, movie or book has to be better than ever. But something can’t be better than ever if there’s nothing to be better than, which was sort of the case with Starburst. And even though this video slot is inspired by gem bursting games, so popular on social media sites these days, reviewers still didn’t have a video slot game Starburst could be compared with. What can I say, if you are looking for originality you are at the right place with this brilliant video slot. Are you looking for a high pay-out, Starburst will definitely do as well with a theoretical return to player of 96.1%. If looking for a video slot packed with extra features or jackpots, I would not recommend Starburst though, as this game became so popular because of its simplicity. I would recommend to stick around a bit longer, give Starburst a try anyway, no matter what kind of video slot you are looking for as I’m sure you will be mesmerised by the sparkling jewels in Starburst.


The Starburst theme is brilliant in so many ways as not only its design is brilliant, so are the extra features. Literally brilliant are the symbols Starburst is build up with as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are shining on every single reel. And even though all these gemstones make you dazzle already, the Starburst Wild is definitely stealing the show. The colours jump out of your screen, but not without leaving you with a bunch of winnings which can make you even more amazed about how a simple game like Starburst can be so much fun.

Betting options

Starburst’s simple gameplay but original features is also accompanied by a variety of betting options starting from 0.01 going up to 100.00 which makes this video slot game perfect for all type of players, even for those who love to play with high bets. Low risk players can start with one bet line and a total bet of 0.01, but just as usual I do recommend to start with at least all 10 bet lines activated to increase your chances to win. This means a minimum bet of 0.10, but in between this lowest bet and the highest bet, Starburst offers you many more betting options thanks to the ten levels and the seven different coin values, available in a plurality of different currencies depending on the Netent Casino you choose to play Starburst at.

Less is more

At first glance, you might get disappointed for the fact that this video slot game has only one bonus feature. Not that anyone complains about it while playing a gem bursting game as a mobile game or as a social media game, it initially looked like a downside for the reviewers. I think it was this same simplicity that eventually made Starburst what it is now, one of the most popular video slots designed by Net Entertainment. And as said before, this is not because Starburst is packed with extra features, simply because the few features it does offer are just brilliant. Not only Starburst managed to prove ‘less is more’ as in a later date Reel Rush and Twin Spin where designed, another two perfect examples simplicity can work out perfectly well.

Starburst Wild

The traditional Wild is replaced with an innovative new Starburst Wild, expanding over the entire reel and remaining in place for up to three re-spins. This of course at no extra cost to you making it an actual Free Spins. The possibilities for huge wins with Starburst Wilds are astronomical due to the fact this expanding Starburst Wild can appear on the three middle reels and I don’t have to tell you what happens if this same Wild appears on all three reels at the same time.

Both ways Win

In addition to the ever amazing Starburst Wild, this video slot has one more feature I have to tell you about. Even though this feature is definitely overshadowed by the Wild feature, you should bear in mind that Starburst is a Both Way Win video slot, meaning it offers you the two-way-win feature as we’ve seen it before in video slots like Lucky Angler and Dragon Island. With Starburst Net Entertainment proved once again to be a leading innovator with all the excitement and high energy wins Starburst is all about, taking its inspiration from the gem bursting games now so popular on mobile and social applications, and almost just as popular in the Netent Casinos.

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