Knights of the blue table

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Sports Review: Poker is a storytelling. Through bidding, gestures, facial expressions you tell your rivals the story, according to witch you have specific cards. It doesn’t matter what cards you really have. The important thing is what your opponents will think- says Lee Jones, one of the European Poker Tour Malta organizers.

Sixth stage of 11th international poker tournaments was organized in Portomaso casino, tens meters from Mediterranean Sea. Luxury of the building was opposed by… modesty of the players, who became millionaires by card games. Simply dressed, smiling, chilled, friendly, they didn’t show their wealth.

-Why didn’t I get crazy? Because for me money are not only numbers, they are worth more than that- explains Dominik Pańka, first Pole who earned over two million dollars on live games. –More-less fifty percent of people, who won on lotteries, lost their fortune after few days. They weren’t ready for the money income and that’s why they were going crazy. Then, to win poker tournament, you have to sacrifice hundreds and thousands of hour for training. Poker players are intelligent and ready for success- adds Marcin “Góral” Horecki.

Words of Free Poker’s president are confirmed by Antonio Ramalho that I met at the casino’s corridor. Portuguese heard us talking in Polish and decided to greet us. –Cześć, co słychać? (Hi, what’s up?)- he asked, but it quickly turned out he doesn’t know much polish, even though he studied economy in Wrocław. Luckily he spoke English and turns out to be a great example of Horecki’s thesis. –Poker skills are the base. I was training 16 hours a day to learn how to play, having only food brakes. I completely gave up parties, I moved away from my friends and my girlfriend almost dumped me, but I achieved my goal. I was starting from online tournaments with entrance fee of one dollar and now I am playing for thousands and I can afford playing live- explains Ramalho.

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