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Tired of playing against random number generator? Can’t trust the integrity of casino firmware? Would you prefer the atmosphere of a real casino, but it’s too far to sit at the blackjack table or roulette? If so, LIVE online casino is just something for you.

What is the LIVE Casino? This is nothing but the ability to play using a computer in a real casino supported by live dealers. On one hand, you make all the bets using well known e-casinos buttons, on the other hand – you have a living man, real cards and real roulette wheel on the other side of the plug.

Live1enHow to start a game in the LIVE Casino? First, you must create an account just like in any other e-casino, stating your personal data. To play you must also make a deposit. Then in the casino lobby we find LIVE Casino tab, select your favorite game and the rates that satisfy us. Then we find a free spot and we can play. And because it is a real table, the number of places at it is limited. If we see a free space – we sit down. If there are no places at the table we can watch the game of other players or find another table.

kasynolive2Suppose that we have found THIS table space waiting for us. The first thing we do is … greet the dealer. In the LIVE Casino every dealer has a screen in front of his eyes where messages in the chat room are displayed. Of course, the dealer has hands full, so he doesn’t write back, but he responds to us looking at the camera.

So we sit down and we place our bets. But how does the computer know which cards were drawn from the shoe? Well, decks used in the LIVE Casinos are equipped with barcodes and there is a barcode reader next to the shoe. When the dealer slides the card, the software already knows which card was drawn. And we have no doubts about the value of our cards thanks to really big indexes used in casino cards. In case of roulette they use sensors that examine on which number the ball lands. Thanks to that everything goes smoothly and pleasantly.


How to finish the game? First of all, elegant. Either we lose everything or our bank account swelled mercilessly, do not forget to say goodbye to the dealer. If the dealer remembers us by our nice behavior next time he might greet us. That would be nice, and isn’t this what the game’s made for?

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