President bet on Pacquiao, but he won’t pay

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Cambodia’s president Hun Sen during the interview with one of the local journals admitted, that he bet 5 thousand dollars on Manny Pacquaio winning over Floyd Mayweather. Outraged by the judges verdict, he is not willing to pay the bookmaker.

The duel between the American and the Filipino, according to the judges, ended with Mayweather triumph by points.

-We fought on their ground (Floyd Mayweather is an American, and the fight took place in Las Vegas), so to win, Pacquiao would have to kill Mayweather- said outraged president after the duel. According to him, the judges favored Mayweather and that’s why both boxers should meet again, on the neutral ground. (Hun Sun proposed China). And as Hun Sun thinks that the fight wasn’t judged right, he is not willing to pay the bookmaker 5 thousand dollars that he betted on Phillipine boxer.

Cambodia’s president, according to the law, could not legally bet money at bookmaker’s- in Cambodia gambling is possible only for foreigners. Citizens of Cambodia can be shocked also by the amount of money bet by the president- regular Cambodian earns 5 thousand of dollars during five years.

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