Polish war with online gambling

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The Ministry of Finance recently boasted that they tracked 17.7 thousand users using illegal betting services and they will pursue them with the Fiscal Penal Code. They succeeded in 349 cases.

In many cases, Polish courts passed the acquittal sentence to gamers who had informed about betting services by online advertisement available in many places on the web. Adverts induces many people to play for real money by bonuses, cash backs etc. In online casinos  and betting sites available in Poland operators don’t write in terms& conditions that their sites are illegal in that country, so many people can be taken in.

These are the results of proceedings leaded by Customs Service against people who played on foreign betting websites. At the end of 2014 Deputy Finance Minister Jacek Kapica run a massive campaign against the Poles using betting services. Users were identified by their names and according to the Ministry of Finance calculations they won in total 27.000.000 PLN illegally, because since the gambling law entering in 2009 the betting network is outlawed. Companies licensed by the Ministry of Finance are the exception. In result approx. 90% of market is actually worth nearly 5 billion PLN and it is being held up by illegal foreign betting and casino companies.

You can read here about other “successful” decisions announced by Jacek Kapica.

Mass round-up on e-gamers would prevent money leaks. But there’s no spectacular success. According to our information’s, Polish courts started 4.3 thousand proceedings, but only in 349 cases adjudicated guilty.


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