Polish problem with illegal one-arm bandits

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The “Bydgoszcz Express” newspaper published an article concerning the flood of slot machines in the city. Customs officers admit that they can’t fight illegal slot machines.

The problem has been known since the beginning of this year. It started when anti-gambling Act was signed. The Act says that the gaming machines can operate legally only in casinos. Usage and operating on those machines in other places is a violation of the law.

The problem is that the people who decide to get profits from slot machines don’t care about consequences. Illegal places are starting to appear again. These places are small, like booth or kiosk, cheap premises. Most of the kiosks are open all the time – with no service, but with very extensive monitoring.

(…)few weeks ago we located a few kiosks with illegal slot machines at the city center – near the intersection of Gdanska and Śniadecki street, a week after customs officers bust these booths. The slot machines appeared again. – Do not blame on us, we have observed that process for a long time. Of course we repeat these actions … – says Mariusz Ziarnowski from customs service. – We can’t say that the current law is bad, because it’s not our role. We have certain rules from the Act and we use it. Only part of the operations regarding slot machines is in our competence. Police or Internal Security Agency should engage in this problem, because the gambler’s money from slot machines are drawn by the criminal groups – according to our information.

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