Polish Gambling affair – political game

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The Author of the bill and former Deputy Minister of Finance – Jacek Kapica, who has the EU law for nothing, didn’t send the bill to the further notification. As a result in 2012 the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg declared that the new gambling bill is incompatible to EU law. Kapica didn’t care about that and continued to confiscate slot machines in spite of the fact they’re illegal. The operators claims are over 8 billion zloty.

In case of “real” gambling affair, there is also fiction of independence in prosecutor’s office. In the beginning of October 2014. TVN24.pl portal revealed that the Deputy Minister Kapica heard objections to his ​​failure of fulfilling duties on the summer of the same year. The allegation was repealed (nobody knows why) before it came to present to the minister by the prosecutor who handled the case. Moreover, this case had been divested and moved to a completely different prosecutor’s office. This incident was used as an example of disastrous actions of the prosecutor’s office recently announced by Mr. Zbigniew Ziobro.

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