[Poland] There will not be a public hearing of the gambling act

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At the meeting of the Finance Committee on September 21 it has been requested that on October 4, 2016 held a public hearing of the draft law on gambling.

A request for a public hearing filed Rafal Wójcikowski club Kukiz`15. He proposed to conduct hearing on 4 October. The proposal was justified by the fact that the problem of gambling law and the possible introduction of a monopoly is vividly discussed and there is a reasonable risk that may not make notification in the European Union.

Deputy Wójcikowski said also that, as in the case of trade tax may therefore be problems and it would be good not to commit again errors only conduct a public hearing and perhaps find a compromise that would be compatible with the law and which would not lead to as much as so deep monopolization as it is in the bill.

Deputy chairman of the committee Jacek Sasin ordered a vote, and with the 14 votes “for” and 18  “against” a request for a public hearing was rejected.

Sasin Chairman proposed that a special sub-committee consisted of 9 members. With the adopted parity subcommittee 9 person shows that 5 members are from “Prawo i Sprawiedliwość”, 2 from “Platforma Obywatelska” and one member from Kukiz`15 and one from “Nowoczesna”.

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