[Poland] Janczyk: European Commission has no objections to new gambling law

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The European Commission has no objections to the [Polish] government’s draft law on gambling and it will probably send Poland a notification on this matter by the end of October, said Deputy Finance Minister Wiesław Janczyk.

“The bill passed the first reading in Parliament smoothly, without generating any controversy. […] We’ve had meetings at the European Commission, and there are no comments; by the end of this month, we will get notifications concerning this Act. It will come into force from January 1, 2017,” said Janczyk in an interview with Radio Wnet.

“Let me remind you that one of the most important points of the new law is the introduction of a state monopoly on slot machines, i.e. by creating webspace for the responsible body designated by the Minister of the State Treasury to provide services in this area. Informal businesses will lose out on this, while the state budget and a special purpose vehicle offering services in these areas are expected to gain,” the Deputy Minister added.

He explained that the SPV will be 100 percent owned by the State Treasury.

According to the project, the entity holding the state monopoly on gaming machines in arcades as well as online will be required to implement a responsible gaming policy. The policy will introduce, among others, age verification. Transactions made with online gambling sites will have to be processed through payment accounts. Also, the entities operating online gambling sites will not be able to place adverts for financial services or offer these services themselves.

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