Payments on the internet, despite many years of efficient and safe operations, are still the element that effectively deters people from visits to online game sites. This study will prove that they’re completely wrong.

Firstly – data transfer protocols between our bank and the casino on the Internet is secured and encrypted as well as money transfers at all banks. The proof of the safe transfer is a padlock symbol before the address, which we see in our browser. Payment gateway address should begin with the characters https: //

Secondly – all serious online casinos are licensed not only to conduct gambling business but also are certified in terms of cash flow. Serious audit institutions vouch for the money deposited by us in the online casino.

And thirdly – online casinos are serious companies rotating millions of dollars. The last thing on their mind is to give the slightest reason of suspicion about the fairness in terms of finances on the player – casino line. From a purely mercantile reasons, they can’t afford it. Who will visit the casino he had heard that has a delay in payments?

To sum up – to play in branded online casinos is completely safe for our money, of course apart from the situation, as You simply lose it. But this is something that could happen to us in any casino. Which are branded casinos? There are a few of them in the “Casino” section.

How can we put money into the casino which we know is worthy of our trust? There is a few ways to do it, and here they are:

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The most common way to deposit funds is an online payment transfer. We log in to our bank and we do a normal transfer, as we do on the Internet paying for anything else. The whole process usually takes a few minutes.

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The same applies to the deposit via credit card. We transfer the funds by giving the corresponding data from the card. The payment is also credited to the card.


If we do not have a credit card and bank transfer does not suit us, we can deposit funds in the casino using prepaid vouchers, such as Ukash. We buy a voucher at the kiosk, as well as we would be charging our phone, and by giving the corresponding numbers printed on it, we immediately deposit money at the casino. The money will be paid either to a previously used bank account or to a credit card previously used … or to an online wallet.

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Internet wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, are a solution made for players in online casinos. We create the Internet account in a bank in Britain. The whole procedure of verification of the data takes several days, which is connected with the obligatory sending scans of documents and the bank verifies our data by a telephone call, but the game is worth the candle. After verification, we receive e-card, with which we can make payments of money in any ATM. We supply the online wallet with money either from a bank account or a credit card.

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