Partypoker Revamp Online Cash Game in Poker for the People Push

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Partypoker continued to roll out its Poker for the People campaign with the news of two more changes in their online cash game environment as they try to protect their recreational players from the jaws of hungry sharks.

When the father of the recreational poker model, Jonas Odman, first introduced the concept over five years ago, people assumed he was nothing but a pernicious prophet of phoniness. Today, that model is becoming ubiquitous in the online poker industry.

Several weeks after Full Tilt were ballsy enough to change their online cash game landscape, in favour of recreational players, partypoker has done the same. Two significant changes have already been implemented with a third, more controversial one on the way.

Partypoker Revamp Online Cash Game in Poker for the People PushThe first software change is identical to the one Full Tilt rolled out. Players no longer choose a particular table to participate in and instead are forced to join the cash game queue, in the requisite selected stakes, and are then assigned a seat by partypoker.

The second change is a fail safe should people find a way to jump over that first barbed wire fence. You will only be able to see the screen names and avatars of seated players when dealt into a game.

It’s another bold move by partypoker in line with their Poker for the People campaign. Third-party software providers won’t like it. The new changes make it virtually impossible for players to use seating scripts to their advantage.


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