Over 1,100 slot machines seized in 2016

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Over 1,100 illegal machines were seized by customs authorities in Przemyśl in the Podkarpackie region.

The Polish Press Agency (PAP) was informed by Edyta Chabowska, spokeswoman of the Przemyśl Customs Office, that 605 slot machines were seized in the region under the jurisdiction of the Rzeszów Customs Office.

According to the law, slot machines can only operate in casinos. There are three in the Podkarpacie region.

‘141 fiscal proceedings and 359 administrative proceedings were opened. The fines added up to 1.6 million PLN,’ she added.

Just in November and December the customs officials in Rzeszów seized 186 illegal slot machines on 30 premises.

For comparison, 116 inspections were carried out and 387 machines were seized in the region under the jurisdiction of the Krosno Customs Office.

‘In addition, the Przemyśl Customs Office seized 100 machines,’ added Chabowska, who stressed that both penal and administrative punishments may be administered for operating such machines illegally.

In addition to being fined, a person found guilty of such operations may also be imprisoned for up to 3 years or face both punishments at once. The fines could reach 12,000 PLN per machine.

‘Not only slot machine owners are liable, but also owners of the arcades which operate the machines,’ emphasized Chabowska, who said that illegal gambling could lead to heavy addiction.

‘Slot machine and online games may be compared to the hardest drugs,’ she added.

Source: PAP

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