Online-only bookies fare better than land-based rivals

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Online-only bookmakers in the UK have a better brand perception than rivals with both online and land-based operations, according to a new survey.

UK-based online market research firm YouGov recently published new BrandIndex data, which ranked 10 UK-based betting operators in terms of favorable impression score. The survey, which didn’t deal with online casino or lottery brands, found all 10 brands generated a negative perception among respondents.

Of the 10 brands surveyed, the five worst-scoring brands were those with both online and land-based presence, while online-only bookies scored in the top five (of an admittedly awful result for the lot). YouGov CEO Stephan Shakespeare said the overall industry impression enjoyed a slight improvement since the last survey but the general negativity showed there is “still so much more to be done” to improve public perception.


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