Massive Weekend for Lottery Players!

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The end of this week will be a massive one for lottery players in the UK, thanks to the EuroMillions game offering a multi-rollover jackpot worth around £113 million on Friday, and the Lotto game on Saturday offering a rollover jackpot with an estimated value of around £7.1 million. Add to that the chance to win a guaranteed EuroMillions Millionaire Maker prize of £1 million and any of 30 guaranteed Lotto Raffle prizes (10 of which will also be worth £1 million each) and there are sure to be plenty of brand new millionaires, whatever numbers happen to be drawn!

The fact that there will be a Lotto rollover jackpot to play for this Saturday night obviously means that no player was able to match all six main numbers in the midweek game. For those of you who haven’t yet checked your tickets, the Lotto results on Wednesday 18 November were 09, 23, 30, 46, 49 and 55, and the Bonus Ball number was 37.

No player succeeded in matching five main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball number, so the second prize tier was also vacant of winners. On a more positive note, there were 36 tickets that won £1,496 each at the third tier by matching five main numbers only. Over 73,000 tickets won a smaller cash prize by matching four or three main numbers, and more than 724,000 entries won their owners a free Lucky Dip ticket for the next draw by matching just two main numbers.


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