Lotto can save the state budget

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21 million PLN won this week in Polish Lotto Chotomow resident in Mazowieckie. He will pay 2.1 million PLN winning tax. Not including a small amount os 1,35 PLN, which have already paid at the time of buying two draws.

There’s 1,4 billion PLN planned as a budget revenues from gambling tax this year, and in the first six months it has already received more than 0,7 billion PLN. Last year the budget earned from gambling about 1,3 billion PLN. This gives the regular 0.5% of Treasury income.

These amounts consists all those who are buying draws, among others, Polish Lotto. This doesn’t exhaust the total taxes that the budget takes from players. Taxes of winnings above 2.280 PLN are treated as the income tax, not games tax.

Just this year the first stage winnings in the Lotto reached 277 million PLN, of which discharged 28 million (10%) of income tax (PIT). As you can see a 10-percent tax on big wins is just a drop in the ocean of government’s revenue from gambling. The most to the budget puts the losing majority.

From each draw in Lotto 20% of lotteries tax is taken immediately when you are buying the draw. Additionally the new gambling act from 2003 increased the subsidy from mutual wagering to25%.

In other words – every Polish Zloty spent on Lotto draw gives about 36% of tax…

In 2015 Totalizator Sportowy had 4,3 billion PLN of revenue. If we assume that 36% of this amount went to the State Treasury as a gambling tax and mutual games subsidy, plus about 50 million PLN from winnings and about 66 million from CIT tax, the State got a total sum 1,7 billion PLN from Totalizator Sportowy (owner of Polish Lotto).

With 59,3 billion of budger hole players should buy 35 times more draws than usual and we do not have the problem of the budget deficit…

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