Italy raises virtual sports events limit

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New legislation in Italy has revised the limit of 500 virtual sports events a day, raising it to 2,000 across both land-based and digital channels.

ADM, Italy’s customs agency, has also extended opening times by two hours a day, until 3am.

Inspired, whose virtual sports dominate online and retail platforms in Italy, has welcomed the move.

Vitaliano Casalone, presidente of Inspired Italia, said: “This change in legislation will enable our customers to drive revenues further and keep players entertained for longer.

“Inspired is prepared and capable of fully capitalising on the expansion of the operating restrictions, by offering the best choice and quality of virtual products on the market.

“The market for our virtual sports products continues to grow in Italy, and with this change in regulation we foresee further expansion through additional channels of content in retail shops and corners, and also more streams of content to online and mobile sites.”

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