Increase in gambling inspections. Over 3000 arcades inspected.

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Officials from the State Treasure Administration, together with the Police, carried out a massive inspection operation in arcades operating gambling games. They reached 3000 spots and seized 450 slot machines. This means that most of the operators withdrew the slot machines from service before the new regulations came into life.

The amendment to the Gambling Act came into life on April 1, 2017. The new solutions introduced significant changes to the gambling laws. The most important change gives the Sports Pool (Totalizator Sportowy) a monopoly on operating online gambling games (with the exception of mutual bets) and slot machines (unless operated in casinos).

A joint operation

Since April 1, the Customs and Treasure Office which is part of The State Treasure Administration, with support from the Police, carried out intensive inspections in places suspected of housing illegal gambling operations. The search and elimination of illegal operations started on April 1 and will carry on until further notice.
During the first 4 days of the operation 3173 places which had previously been holding illegal slot machines games were verified. 450 slot machines were seized in 125 places, which hadn’t stopped illegal operations.

Each day 260 Treasure Administration officials and 80 policemen took part in the operation.

I am satisfied by the effects of their work. This is a good example of cooperation between Customs officials and the Police,’ says vice minister Wiesław Janczyk. ‘The operation will continue, so I hope for even better effects. The results we have seen so far prove that the new regulations are effective. Entities holding illegal gambling are withdrawing operations themselves –  adds the vice minister.


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