The worse economic situation, the better lottery sales

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World lottery sales in 2014 was about 10 percent higher than in 2013 and reached 285 billion dollars.

Biggest growth in demand was noted in Latin America (almost 23 percent) along with Asia and Pacific region (about 15,6 percent). European market- with 110 billion dollars income- increased over 5 percent. Bad economics furthers lotteries.

-Increase on the markets of various regions are described with simple dependence: the tougher economic situation, the bigger amount of players. People want to improve their budget by getting potential win- explains Wojciech Włodarczyk, president of GTECH Poland (IGT Group), interviewed by informative agency Newseria Buisness. –This dependence caused for example growth in demand observed in Asia.

According to World Lottery Association (WLA), association with 140 biggest government lotteries in the world (70 countries), and “Le Fleur” magazine, world’s lottery sales increased 10 percent by year, after 5 percent increase in 2013, so there is a stir in the business.

Biggest sales growth was noted in Asia and Pacific lotteries, along with Latin America lotteries. In the first region progress was 15,6 percent, in the second- over 23 percent. GTECH experts stress out, that those regions are poorly developed, regarding lottery offers and technologies. Dynamic growth was caused by providing new products, available in Europe for a long time and not so attractive for potential consumers anymore. Culture determinants of particular region also have to be considered.

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