Gambling in Germany

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According to the latest report by YouGuv, one third of Germans regularly visit casinos.

The study, commissioned by German cassino association Deutscher  Spielbankenverband (DSBV), showed that 33% of respondents had played in a casino at least once in the course of their life. The number of men (39%) was higher than the number of women (28%) and more West Germans (34%) had visited a casino compared to citizens from former East Germany (28%).

As of the end of 2015 in Germany there were 66 licensed casinos offering 550 different gaming tables and approximately 7.5 thousand slot machines. In total, the games generated a revenue of 556 million Euro last year. The largest share of this sum, 399 million Euro, was generated by slot machines.

Although slot machines were the most profitable, roulette is the casino game of choice for Germans – as much as 63% declared that they had played. Slot machines attracted about half of the respondents.

53% of men and 43% women declared that they had played on slot machines. The number of men who declared they had played other games such as blackjack (18% of men and 12% of women) and poker (8% and 4% respectively) was also higher than the number of female gamblers.

The gambling habits of young Germans are particularly interesting. 66% of players under the age of 29 chose slot machines, while only 45% of them played roulette. Their American counterparts, on the other hand, chose table games, leaving slot machines for older players.

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