Gambling companies recover millions

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Gambling industry rubbing his hands. It will be able to claim salty compensation from the state. The last sentence of NSA simply says that there was no legal basis to punish the installation of slot machines outside casinos.

The Supreme Administrative Court first recognized the cassation appeals concerning penalties for installation of gaming machines outside the casino. Wrongly fined companies win. This is the first step to regaining their billion from the budget. For mistakes of the Ministry of Finance we will pay.

In 2009 Polish Parliament passed so-called “gambling law”. After the embarrassment associated with accusations of succumbing to the gambling industry in creating a previous Act on games and mutual wagering, the new law very strictly regulated by the possibility of games of chance, setting the gaming machines outside casinos or lounges and access to gambling via the internet. Unfortunately, it turned out that Deputy Finance Minister Jacek Kapica wrote a new law in haste and with numerous procedural flaws. As a result of its negligence they have extremely serious consequences.

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