Fortuna changes its owner?

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It seems that soon one of the biggest bookmaker companies in Eastern Europe will change its owner.



„In regard to the publication „Fortune will change its owner?”- we decisively deny baseless speculations about supposed, planned sale of Fortuna Entertainnment Group. Penta Investments doesn’t have such plans.” – said Martin Danko, External Relations Menager, Penta Investments.

Present on a Polish market Fortuna may change its owner for a gambling market’s giant, Israel’s Playtech.


At the moment, Fortuna is the biggest bookmaker in Poland. It has 498 sales points in the whole country and recent license for the online activity. Football fans know the company mainly because of its presence on the Legia Warszawa football players shirts.

For Fortuna Poland is just one of the markets. Their biggest income comes from Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company was launched in Czech Republic in 2009 and immediately took over neighbor countries. Thanks to that, it became basically only bookmaker with range this big in Eastern Europe.

In 2014 Fortuna took over bets of total worth over 670 million euros. 67 percent of this came from internet activity. The company gained over 27 millions from it.

Good results linked with ever-growing bookmakers potential of this part of Europe cause foreign giants to look more often at this part of the world. Worldwide giants, like William Hill or Ladbrokes, shown their interest in Fortuna before. So far financial holding, who does not have a lot in common with the gambling market, remains the owner of the company.


Situation of a potential purchaser of Fortuna, Playtech, looks completely different. Israelis own a big part of gambling market. They recently took over William Hill and made it efficiently working company again. They currently work hard on bringing back another worldwide corporation- Ladbrokes company.

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