EU industry welcomes cooperation agreement between EU gambling authorities

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EGBA, Europe’s leading online gambling association, welcomes signing of administrative cooperation agreement between the EU’s national gambling authorities. The cross border cooperation will allow for the structural exchange of information and best practices and reduce unnecessary administrative burden.

The agreement is part of the ongoing implementation of the Commission action plan ‘Towards a comprehensive European framework for online gambling’ which inter alia aims to create structural cooperation between national gambling authorities to improve the protection of consumers, minors and ensure the integrity of games.

The agreement signed last week is a voluntary cooperation agreement, not underpinned by an EU legislative act (unlike for instance the EU Competition, Telecom and Consumer Authorities networks), but is nevertheless a crucial step in building confidence and trust. The information exchanged can cover a wide range of issues that will allow Member States to better and more efficiently achieve their public policy objectives and reduce unnecessary administrative burden for EU established and regulated operators.

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA, stated: “The signing of the cooperation agreements between the EU’s Gambling Authorities is a crucial step in building trust and confidence in this inherently cross border sector. We encourage the Authorities to address with priority unnecessary administrative costs that make the regulated offer less competitive than the unregulated offer. We would like to congratulate Commissioner Bienkowska and her team with today’s success and encourage the Commissioner to continue the implementation of the Commission Action Plan.”

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