[Poland] E-Toto announces development of fixed esteblishments and an online offer

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E-Toto Bookmakers has announced that it will be expanding its network of fixed establishmets as well as its online offer. E-Toto outlets are to be built in all towns of more than 20 thousand inhabitants. The company doesn’t rule out rentals. Our ambition is to become one of the top three bookmakers in Poland. We believe this goal is achievable within the next two years – says Wojciech Michałowski, CEO of E-Toto Bookmakers.

E-Toto is one of the five legally operating bookmaking companies in Poland.  We are a Polish company, currently growing and expanding intensively. Though we operate online, we also have a network of fixed establishments – Michałowski, investor and CEO of E-Toto, points out in an interview with  news agency Newseria.

Currently, E-Toto has 30 fixed establishments throughout the country, especially in large cities. Michałowski has recently announced that the company plans to focus on smaller towns, as welll as expanding its forms of business.

We definitely plan to open outlets in every major city over 20 thousand inhabitants, as well as in smaller towns. The network will be expanded in two ways – it will consist of independent outlets, but we aren’t ruling out cooperation with agents and rental – says Michałowski.

The changes are designed to attract customers, especially those who will be looking for alternative companies to bet with after the gambling law changes. Under the current law, legal gambling websites are limited in many ways. This is primarily due to a high tax (12% turnover tax). Over the years, this has caused illegal and informal businesses to thrive.

We want to diversify our online offer to encourage customers who currently visit illegal bookmakers can easily switch to our competitive offer after the gambling law changes. I hope our offer will be more attractive than thoes of foreign or illegal websites – notes Michałowski.

Under the new gambling law, telecom operators may have to block illegal gambling websites. Internet Service Providers will block domains operating without licenses and permits. Some customers will turn to legal websites such as E-Toto. It is currently estimated unregistered operators make up as much as 90% of market shares by turnover.

– Our competitive offer may encourage the players, especially those who have been betting with foreign bookmakers. We hope that on January 1, when the new law comes into force, customers will flock to our site, attracted by our good offer. Our ambition is to become one of the top three bookmakers in Poland. This is no easy feat, but we believe our goal is achievable within the next year or two – says Michałowski.

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