Clinton criticises Trumps AC record

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US presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton was in Atlantic City in the US state of New Jersey on Wednesday and the Democrat took the opportunity to slate Republican rival Donald Trump’s casino bankruptcy record, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Clinton said that Trump’s promise to “do for the nation what he did for his business,” should be considering a warning, not an incentive to vote for the Republican billionaire.

“He always rigged it so he got paid no matter how his companies performed,” Clinton said, adding that “hundreds of people lost jobs, shareholders were wiped out, lenders lost money and contractors took heavy losses.

“But Donald Trump? He walked away with millions,” she said.

In response, Trump issued a statement saying that he created “thousands of jobs and made a lot of money” in his casinos, and he called bankruptcy “an effective and commonly used practice” by businesses that “ultimately saves jobs.” Trump’s legacy in Atlantic City includes four rounds of bankruptcy for the casinos he ran there.

“Nobody understands the economy like I do and no one, especially not Hillary Clinton, will do more for the economy than I will,” said Trump.

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