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Betting operators are certainly just as old as the sport itself, while betting itself is probably even older and is one of the first available gambling entertainments. People have always made bets and the ability to quickly win money while proving others wrong was, and for many still is, irresistible.

Organized betting was certainly popular in the period of the first Greek Olympics, Roman chariot races and other events in which someone had to lose, so someone could win. And as always on such occasions, there was a person who mediated between the parties, being a winner regardless of the outcome. That was the first bookmaker.

1bukModern betting was extremely popular in the late nineteenth century in England. After that period people started making bets all around the world, not caring about whether it was legal or not. The access to the bookmaker was usually limited because of the distance, but at the end of twentieth century, thanks to fast internet connection, it became much easier. And it was the online betting that made the whole idea of making a bet for money unlimited and widespread, mostly during sports events, but not only that.

Currently on the online sports betting market there are thousands of smaller or larger companies. Some are created to fail, others grow, making a strong representation of dozen trustworthy bookmakers.

3bukAt the online bookmaker we make bets the same way as in the „real” one. We select the event, we bet on one of the available outcomes of the event and we set the rate. We can choose a full spectrum of combination bets, just as it is at regular bookmaker. However, here everything is done on the internet – the money circulates from our account to the account of the bookmaker and back. All without unnecessary delay.

What is the advantage of online bookmakers? First of all it’s the exchange rate – because of the fact that online bookmakers don’t need to pay for their own places and all their staff, they can afford to offer better odds. In addition, any cash transfers are made immediatly. Thirdly, thanks to the characteristic of modern technology, ate online bookmaker we can make live betting, that is, during the event, or even we can watch interesting events through live streaming service.

2bukInternet bookmaker means thousand of possibilites to make a bet on the most popular sporting events from dozens of disciplines. It is the safety of our deposit, confirmed by appropriate certificates and licenses. Lastly, it is an immediate withdrawal. The future of sports betting belongs to the Internet.


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