Amendment of Gambling Act- date of the trial in Supreme Court announced!

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Legal issue, previously concluded in District Court in Przemyśl from 28th of January 2016 (sygn. II Kp 1070/15), appeared in a docket of Supreme Court.

Supreme Court will predicate if content of acticle 4 of the act from 12th June 2015 about changes in Gambling Law (Dz.U. z 2015 r. poz. 1201): „entities operating in the field mentioned in article 6 act 1-3 or in article 7 act 2, on the date of introducing the act are obliged to adapt to the requirements determined in the act modified in article 1, as amended by the act, until 1st July 2016” means that:

  1. Deadline for the entities operating in gambling field to obtain the concession, permission and to put the gambling machines inside casinos is 1st July 2016, no matter if their operations were consistent with Gambling Act from 19th November 2009 before its amendment from 3rd September 2015. It also concerns registration of gambling machine by the chief of appropriate customs office, in accordance with amended act from 3rd September 2015.


  1. Adjustment period mentioned above should be applied only to entities operating in gambling field in accordance to The Gambling Act from 19th November 2009 before its amendment from 3rd September 2015.

Date of Supreme Court’s meeting: 28th April 2016 at 10:00

Adjudiction panel: Supreme Court’s Chief Judge Henryk Gradzik, Supreme Court’s

Judges: Michał Laskowski and Roman Sądej

Source: Supreme Court’s docket (PL)

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