A statement by the Polish Sports Pool (TS) regarding slot machines from the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) or the Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)

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After a false leak regarding an alleged agreement between TS and IGT (formerly GTECH), the Sports Pool released a statement, saying they never signed an agreement with supposed slot machine supplier IGT.

The Sports Pool also informed that in 2010, Data Trans and GTECH Corporation won a tender to operate numerical games and their own systems for TS. Three other entities, all important players on the market, also applied for the tender. The contract is valid for 7 years (starting from 2011) and does not oblige the company to buy slot machines from the aforementioned entities.

From the very beginning, the company acted transparently. The results of the tender were analysed by the board of TS. After the supervisory board gave its opinion and the company made a decision on the grounds of a resolution, they forwarded the documents to the minister of the State Treasury, who accepted the board’s decision. The deal was ceremoniously signed at a special conference in the presence of the press at Warsaw’s Hotel Bristol on July 12, 2010.

We would like to point out that the Sports Pool is a state owned company. We also remind our readers that if the company has a monopoly in slot machine operations, it would have to be in cooperation with the Polish Arms group and the Polish Security Printing Works. Information on the relevant agreements will be disclosed to the public after gaining consent from the owners.

Furthermore, an analysis conducted by the Sports Pool has shown that a monopoly would be beneficial for the state budget as well as the companies’ financial outcomes.

Lastly, the Sports Pool is a public trust company. In 2015, it gave 1.8 billion PLN to sports and culture thanks to extra payments and taxes on games. Our clients’ trust for our company and its affiliated brands has a direct impact on state budget income. Providing the public with false information could erode our reputation, which in turn could make it difficult for the Pool to support Polish sports and culture, which is our mission.

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