5 Common Gambling Mistakes People Make

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Gambling has over the years grown in leaps and bounds buoyed by the numerous new casinos being opened every year in the USA. The widespread use of the internet has also led to the growth of online gambling. People are trouping to casinos to win extra monies for their daily needs. The issue, however, is that winning is not that easy as many people think. You can’t just walk into a casino place some money on a set of cards and that’s it. It takes skill and patience. Winning is not such an easy task.

That said, it doesn’t mean that big wins aren’t possible with gambling. Currently in the USA and various other countries, there are thousands of people if not millions who do gamble for a living. Gambling money feeds them, pay for them expensive hotels and also funds their expensive holidays to some of the most luxurious gambling capitals of the world such as Las Vegas in the USA.

While it’s not easy to determine where the cards will land or if the odds will be in your favor, there are common mistakes that gamblers make. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid when gambling

  1. Gambling with money set aside for other tasks

This is the most common mistake gamblers make. You have around two thousand dollars set aside for your tuition, but you think ‘I can easily double this money when I place it on a football game this weekend.’ That is wrong!

You should never gamble with money set aside for other things. People often think of the winning part; they don’t believe that they could lose all that money and end up worse off than they were before.

Players get overly excited if the odds are higher. Avoid such a mistake. Don’t bet your groceries money, tuition money, bills or rent money. I can advise you to treat gambling money like entertainment money or like movie money. You know like the way you go for a rave and decide I will spend a hundred dollars on drinks, and that’s it. Or when you pay for a movie ticket even if the critics say the movie wasn’t good enough, but you still go ahead and watch it. Treat your gambling money like movie or entertainment money.

  1. Gambling while drunk

You know the way in the movies they show us people betting when having a glass of brandy or vodka, and it seems so cool because they are always winning. That doesn’t happen in the real world. That’s a script written for the sole purpose of entertaining you and millions of other people worldwide.

Ensure you play rationally. Don’t drink when gambling because it will lead to one of those unfortunate scenarios where you will end up losing all your monies. Also, don’t let emotions take over your mind when gambling. Emotions will mess you up, and you will lose focus, and you know once you lose focus the next step is to lose money. Keep your mind and spirit in the game.

  1. Establish a game plan

When you enter the casino with a stack of cash waiting to place your money on a poker game, the first step you should do is sit back and reflect on the game. Do you have a strategy in mind or do you have any elaborate plan to ensure the game goes your way, and you win big money at the end of the day?

You don’t start playing without a plan. Even field sports such as soccer and football require a plan and strategy before you begin playing otherwise your opponent will rout you. Be confident with your approach and think about it. Always plan your next move and ensure you have thought about all the loopholes your opponent can take advantage of.

Strategy and an elaborate plan are what differentiates a novice from a poker expert.

  1. Chasing a bad streak

This is another common gambling mistake people do. A successful gambler is defined as a player who has a combination of the necessary skills, luck, hand strength and just the right chip stacks.

You walk into a casino, and you are confident you possess the skill and luck required. However, the moment you start playing, things start to fall apart. You play again, and you keep losing. That is referred to as having a bad streak.

You keep losing, but one of your traits is persistence. Keep persisting on playing when you have a losing a streak, and you will keep losing monies. Spending cash when hoping to be fluky and fortunate is one of the worst gambling mistakes you can do.

Don’t turn a bad night into an unforgettable disastrous one. Be rational and most importantly have good money management. One of the best money management steps you can take is to give yourself a maximum limit loss for the night e.g. you can say you won’t gamble anymore if you reach a 400USD loss. Ensure you don’t surpass that limit.

  1. Playing the wrong type of games

There are different kinds of games you can play in a casino. Specialize in a game or two. Ensure you are good at that particular game(s) so that you can increasing your chances of winning. The game you choose should be something you enjoy and have fun while playing. Know which games have a higher payout than others.

There some bets which higher than normal payouts but you end up paying a big percentage of your winnings to the house. Be wary of such bets and ensure you understand all the rules that govern all bets.


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