$1M Mega Millions Win In Nebraska

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It’s incredible to think that five numbers can make such a huge impact on your life. A group of seven co-workers from Nebraska has just pocketed a $1 million Mega Millions prize after they matched five destined numbers. Read their full story here.

For the past four years, the team who work at Baldwin Filters in Kearney have been playing the MegaMillions lottery together. They would pool together money in order for them to buy tickets in every week’s draw. We recently told you the story about how a woman, also from Nebraska, just won $2 million with Powerball after buying a ticket from her local store.

The seven colleagues bought a quick pick ticket for the popular MegaMillions. They got the winning ticket from Thirsty’s store in Kearney. Their lucky numbers were drawn on the 24th of November.

It just so happened that that one ticket was the winning MegaMillions ticket match matched five winning numbers in the draw. The winning MegaMillions numbers were:


This earned them a cool $1 million. They have all agreed on sharing the prize equally, which means each player will then be taking home $142,857. They all arrived together at the Nebraskan lottery headquarters on the 30th of November. The winners of the $1 million MegaMillions prize were: Randall Faltys, Bradley Schroeder, Todd Meier, Zachary Harris, Kenny Eckel, Boyd Vinzant and William Dixon.

All of these lucky winners come from the same town. They all consider themselves family. As is custom, the officials asked them more details about how they were feeling about their win. They mentioned that they were “stunned” and “amazed” by their lottery win. Apparently one of the members checked the winning numbers on their phone for the MegaMillions online.

They all said that they want to use their winnings to pay off all their bills and mortgages, and be very sensible with the rest of their money because it’s not often that they come into such a great deal of money. The store that sold their winning ticket will receive a bonus of 1% equal to the $1 million, which means they will get $10,000 from the Nebraskan Lottery officials later this week.

Congratulations to these lucky lotto winners! They stayed in the game for four years straight and they came out victorious.

If you want to win, you also need to stay in the game.

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Best of luck to you!

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